Property Managers & Realtors

Aug 28, 2019

Property Managers & Realtors,

Thank you for your business. We greatly appreciate that you regularly call us for ourservices. We know that we are not the only option you have and are grateful that you continually call Focus.

We try very hard to respond as quickly to your needs as we can. As many of you know, if you give us the info, we will schedule directly with your tenants or clients until we are done or need an approval.

The weather outside greatly effects our response time. Extreme heat or cold can add a couple days to our ability to get to you. Milder weather means sometimes we can even turn it around the same day.

We are trying to be responsive to your needs quicker, so we are attempting to standardize some processes. Not that we don’t want to hear from you, but that there are certain ways we have found that communicate clearer, allowing us to respond quicker to your needs.

Many of you are still contacting Jason directly, some have begun to email Diannah directly – while others call service orders/maintenances in directly to the office. As Jason and Diannah are both transitioning away from the role of primary scheduler and frequently out of the office or tied up with other responsibilities, we ask that you call the office or (best option) email any requests in to the [email protected] email. This email is set up specifically for our property managers and realtors to get us the information needed to set up and create service/maintenance calls and best of all – there are 5 of us that monitor thatemail. Your email is more likely to get seen, handled and completed in a timely fashion regardless of who is vacationing or working out of the office. I have attached a sample sheet that will help ensure all the information is transferred quickly and efficiently to speed the process and stop delays in back and forth questions through emails or phone tag. For those already using a work order email system, we love those and they give us all this info!

Billing notice: (pertaining mostly to the realtors) Many of your customers are a one-time service/maintenance for us and even when you have us bill your customer (buyer or seller) directly – please note: That call will still be tied to your account in our system to allow us trackability and the ability to keep our data base manageable by avoiding excessive one time customers.


Jason Burns

Focus Heating & Cooling