Special Announcement Regarding COVID-19

Dear valued customers,

Focus Heating and Cooling is remaining open and will be servicing our customers as HVAC is an essential service and critical to homes, and businesses alike.  Effective immediately, we are enacting new processes and procedures to keep our customers and team members safe, as well as adhering to the Governor’s new executive order.

Our office will be closed to customers and foot traffic as we will facilitate work-at-home to the maximum extent possible.  When the work-at-home options are not possible the in-office staffing will be kept to a bare minimum in order to enforce social distancing.

We wish to take care of your HVAC needs but are maintaining a proactive effort to protect our customers and employees alike.  Our team members have been instructed to notify management and stay home if they, or a family member, are exposed to the virus or begin showing any symptoms.  Please do not be alarmed when you call in, our office staff will be asking if anyone in the home has a fever, been diagnosed or had exposure to Covid-19.

Our protocols in the home include:

  • No handshaking – use other noncontact methods of greeting.
  • Wash hands frequently. Especially before and after being in a client’s home
  • Wash with soap for 20 seconds in warm water in a clean environment, is best. If not available, sanitizing or bleach wipes may be used to clean at vans before and after each service visit.
  • In client’s house or public area, limit touching public surfaces and wash hands upon leaving those areas.
  • Limit touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Wipe surfaces down with bleach wipes before and after service
  • Maintain 6 feet, or more, social distancing.
  • Be aware of the environment that you are entering and their specific procedures.
  • Be aware, also that we are entering allergy season so not every sniffle or cough will be Covid-19
  • Employees are not to use company time or vehicles to travel for any nonessential, non-work-related purposes, to the maximum extent possible.

In many cases we will be able to troubleshoot and repair equipment from outside, in a crawl space, or in attics and basements with minimal face to face contact.  We will be following protocols to maintain a safe work environment by wearing gloves, wearing mask if needed and/or disinfecting work areas in the home and in our trucks before and after each call.  You may be asked by a technician to speak via phone, video or Facetime to get your assistance controlling the thermostat while we are stationed at the equipment.  We ask that you work with us so that we may provide the services needed.

Thank you for your business and your partnership, as we get through this difficult and challenging time, together.

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