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Our Salem heating repair and Salem furnace repair services will keep your home warm and toasty this winter. Experiencing problems with your heater? Does your thermostat seem “off”? Are you ready to upgrade your system and create the comfort you’re looking for in your home?

Ask us about these credits and rebates:


  • Up to $600 State tax credit
  • Up to $90 cash incentives

Focus Heating and Construction Team

We provide service with a smile! We can:

  • install and service Salem furnaces, air handlers and heat pumps.
  • find products to match your heating needs – no matter the size or age of your home.
  • convert your electric system to gas.
  • complete custom ductwork installations and sheet metal fabrications.
  • conduct carbon monoxide detection and install a CO2 monitor.
  • suggest and install air quality products.

All new installs receive a 4″ thick filter to ensure the air quality of your Salem heating system. After a thorough inspection, we’ll let you know the options and then work with you to create the best custom heating plan for your home.

Mini Splits

Mini Splits offer convenience and superiority in your Salem heating system. They are two piece systems that keep your heating bills down. With no duct work involved, we can install these and keep part or all of your home warm or cool.

Ruud Heat Pumps




Ruud Furnace

Focus Heating and Air Conditioning offers Salem furnaces and heat pumps from Ruud. Ruud Heat pumps and furnaces will meet your Salem heating needs. We’ll find the right product to fit your home.





Bumps, Bangs and Pings

Don’t ignore sounds coming from your heater. If hear any knocking, thumping or pinging in your oil or water based heater you may be experiencing some problems with sludge and scale deposits. These problems normally result from improper maintenance so make sure that your system is up to date and clean.

Heating Problems? Troubleshooting Steps

Experiencing difficulties with your Salem heater? Your heating system can make a difference in your ability to enjoy your home. During the winter months, it’s important to have a heater that is running efficiently and safely so you don’t have to worry about it.

When it comes to your heater, it’s important to identify the problem and try some trouble shooting steps. But when it comes to more major repairs, it’s time to call in the Salem heating professionals. Look to these basic troubleshooting tips to see if you can diagnose your heating troubles. Then give us a call for more extensive repairs. When it comes to your heating system, minor problems can turn to major difficulties fairly quickly. You don’t want to leave things to chance.

The efficiency and safety of your heater can be affected by a number of different problems. In water-based heating systems, corrosion can begin quickly. Pumps and heat exchangers can experience erosion, limescale build up and corrosion. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, your operational costs for your heater will slowly grow. It’s estimated that debris and corrosion can increase the costs of fuel by at least 35% over five years – and that doesn’t include general increases in fuel costs over the years!

Here are four troubleshooting areas to look for with your Salem heater. You can prevent a lot of problems with regular heater maintenance from a Salem heating professional.

Signs of Debris and Wear

If your oil or water based system is unprotected, you may be prone to black oxide build up – which looks like sludge. You should also look for lime scale deposits on your heater. They normally show up near the hottest parts of the system. If you see any scale or sludge, contact a Salem heating professional to help. Deposits can insulate your heating system and lower the effectiveness of your unit.

Problems with the Pump or Radiator

Your pump can cause problems when it gets blocked by debris or becomes worn down. Sediment can enter your radiator unit and can prevent the water or oil from flowing properly. It can result in cold spots which reduce your system efficiency. Internal corrosion can drill small holes into the interior surface of your radiator. This can reduce the life of your radiator and increase your repair costs.

Electrical Problems

Even a baseboard electrical heater can experience problems that require Salem heating repair. If your heater is cycling off and on, doesn’t seem to blow warm air or you smell a funny smell coming from your electrical heater, it can be a sign that the wiring is worn out or that you’re having another issue that could cause extensive damage.

When it comes to these heating problems, you can do a bit of troubleshooting but it’s best to contact a Salem heating professional. Don’t leave your heating system and your home at risk. Contact us today!